Our Story

The idea of Axel & Ash was born when a 18-year old eager Swede voyager (Axel) went travelling the world wide and far but never could find the perfect journal to jot down all her memories in. She had a very clear picture in her mind of what she wanted - but the timeless piece she was looking for just didn't exist, so the idea was born to create her own. Fast forward to a late summers night 8 years later, Axel had been inspired to write down her bucketlist (which you can also find printed on the inside of the 'My Bucketlist' cover) and when sharing it with a friend she realized they both had #13 'start a business' on their list. With her strong love for the art of journaling, burning passion for creativity & design and endless love affair of travels, Axel realized that this was the time to fulfill the dream she'd had for a long time - to start designing chic, inspiring travel & dream journals filled with quirky writing prompts for everyone who wanted to capture their days, thoughts and memories in style! And so design & publishing house 'Axel & Ash' was born!

Today, Axel & Ash books are getting picked up by the world’s style-makers and jet-setters from Sydney to London and Paris to Hawaii. The books & products have pride of place in the trendiest concept, fashion and book stores all around the globe from the iconic Shakespeare & Co in Paris, AUST. in Los Angeles and White Bohemian in Palm Beach, to the internationally known Anthropologie and Barnes & Noble stores. Co-founded by Axel & Ash, the company is now solely owned by Axel and run by our amazing team who spends their days soaking up the sunny lifestyle between their Bondi office and traveling exciting locations whilst working on exciting new products and projects for like-minded  dreamers who like a keep-sake to saviour their story. 

HANNA AXELSSON SAHLEN, aka. AXEL is a creative soul from Sweden with a mind  full of ideas. Usually seen with a camera around her neck she has an obsession for photography, design, film, road trips, great stories, yoga, palm trees, raw food treats and the surf. Known for being an avid story-teller she has always been passionate about creating and sharing beautiful stories about all walks of life. Before turning into a full-time Design house director, Axel made her career in Film & TV, freelancing as a producer, cinematographer and editor in Perth, before landing her dream job as a TV studio director for SVT, Sweden & ABC, Sydney. It was during her TV-days that the idea for creating books came up and the side-hustle and passion soon grew into a full time business, which has now taken her all over the world selling her books in over 19 countries, and more to come!