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Becoming a mama is one of the most deeply transformative, physical, emotional, and spiritual times in a woman’s life. In celebration of this divine journey and the strong, inspiring Mamas we are blessed to know, this Mother’s Day we’re shining a light on some of the mamas who inspire us.

It was when a friend asked her what she would do if could do anything, and what  is stopping her from doing that now -  that Tatiana realised that to reach her biggest dream of doing magazine layouts - she actually just had to do it!

 Without letting the fact that she didn’t have any qualifications stop her, today Tatiana Soash is overflowing with clients and fans from all around the globe - how we found her to become the co-designer for our ‘Becoming MAMA’ journal.

Tatiana, after being big fans of your designs we are so excited to have you as our co-designer of our MAMA journal! And we absolutely love how whilst we were all busy designing the book, secretly your body went on the magnificent journey of designing a whole little human inside your womb too!!! We are so curious to hear all about your pregnancy journey..

It was so crazy to get to hand letter such amazing pregnancy quotes for your journal, and have my body experience it all at the same time! The beginning of my journey was so exciting but very hard at the same time. My twin sister and I got pregnant at the same time, however, she ended up miscarrying. Going through that with her, mourning her loss while still trying to stay positive for myself was one of the hardest things I have been through. I felt guilty and scared and confused...and just so many emotions. She is now due in May and we know it was all part of God’s plan. The best part of the journey was finding out what we were having and deciding on her name. Space has always been a big part of our relationship, so we came up with ‘Nova’ after supernova, and both fell in love. Her middle name is Jean after my husband’s grandma who passed away right before we found out we were pregnant.

You also have another baby - Tatiana Soash Creative Studio. Tell us about the journey to how that came to life?

Yes, my business is my first baby! I went off to do freelance on my own in 2018 and have loved every day of the journey since. It has evolved and changed and grown and I’m just so thankful everyday that I get to make a living doing what I love. Seeing visuals come to life really fills my soul, and I get to work with so many women helping them make THEIR dream biz just a little more aesthetic. I do everything from wedding suites, to creative content, to branding and I love the diversity everyday brings.

Little Nova is now 3 months old - what's the most incredible parts of of being a mama?
I have been an aunt to so many incredible babies that I am obsessed with. Even since I was seven, all of my moms friends started having babies and me and my sister were obsessed with them like they were our babies. So now to have one that is all my own is just so special to me. Since she spent some time in the NICU, every morning that I get to see her smiling face just seems like the biggest blessing. It was the hardest time but really gave me the best perspective, that even the hard parts are a privilege and I am just so lucky that she is happy and healthy.

What has been the most unexpected parts ?
The complications we both had post labor were definitely unexpected and not what I thought our first days as a family would be like. I am just so grateful we all got to go home together healthy after 2 days in the hospital.
Your business is now 4 years old. What's been the most incredible parts & highlights?
The coolest moments in my business journey have been seeing my work and where it ends up! It's been so cool seeing Forever 21 repost one of my quotes, celebrities like Shay Mitchell opening a package with my hand lettering on it, and now my work in the Becoming MAMA journal in the coolest stores across the world.

What has been the most unexpected parts ?
I honestly had NO idea what I was doing when I started my biz so it all was pretty unexpected. The biggest thing I have learned is charging for value and not time, and learning to showcase my creativity to set me apart from others in the industry.
You started your own business 4 years ago and have had well-deserved amazing success. Being biz owner myself, I know that having a biz can feel like having a baby in taking all your time and mind space. Now having a real a baby - How do you juggle both?
I am so lucky that both my husband and I have flexible schedules and that we have family that lives close. He watches her 2 days a week and my mother in law watches her one. It's hard to juggle but I just remind myself that the time I have with her is very intentional and she will only be this little for such a short amount of time. So I only work 3 days a week and try to get the most done in those hours that I can.

You were an integral part of designing our Mama journal. What's your fave part of your journal and what's been your fave page to fill in? 
My favourite part of the journal are the articles, it's so cool getting to read other mother's perspectives. Also, the cover and whole journal is so aesthetic and instantly adds a dreamy element to whatever space it's in. I love adding photos to the weekly pregnancy pages!
What is success for you?
Success for me is getting to do something I love and making a living doing it, I really couldn't ask for more!

Whats one tip you have to all new mamas out there?
Everyone says it, but it really does go soo fast! Every day they change in so many ways, so just soak it all in. Even the hard parts, because that is what makes the good parts so good!
Becoming a mama 
One of the most transformative, physical, emotional, and spiritual times in a woman’s life


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