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Journaling is a moment to reflect, reconnect, put thoughts into paper, collect memories, and make time for who really matters. This Mother's day we had the pleasure give the gift of time to 4 inspiring Mamas and their kiddos, and have these incredible women, loving mums and empowered souls sharing with us their inspiring life experiences, and special moments with their loved ones.
 Mother, creative designer, photographer and lover of everything coastal, Tracy is the artist behind sea-inspired brand @phoneixandtheocean. Born from her passion for motherhood and beachy lifestyle she makes exclusive art prints, swaddle blankets and handmade creations inspired by her favourite things: salty days in the sand, tropical palms and baby cuddles. We caught up with Tracy to speak Motherhood whilst running her own business and still finding time to Pause with her loved ones.

Traci, you are such an incredible woman, designer, photographer, brand owner, and Mother of two gorgeous boys, tell us a bit more about @phoenixandtheocean and how it came about?
I started my brand after my first baby, Phoenix was born. I knew for a couple of years prior that I wanted to start my own business. One day at the beach with Phoenix, it just hit me. I have such a love for him, and also the sea. And that's where my brand started. I wanted to create a space online to share my creativity and our lifestyle with others.

"Phoenix and the ocean" came to life when Phoenix was born, what are the challenges of  starting a brand with newborn children?
The biggest challenge for me is time. Finding time to do anything is tricky with a newborn or young children. But ironically enough, time is also the reason why it was possible to start. I knew that I needed to work in a way that allowed me to plug in-and-out of work throughout my other responsibilities as a wife and mother. Sitting down for a full 8 hour day isn't always possible, but I'm certainly amazed at what can be achieved during the cracks of the day. 
Phoenix and Cruz seem to have a lot of energy, how is it to run your own business with 2 kiddos around?
It's pretty wild running a business with two kids around, but I know I wouldn't have had it any other way. It really excites me that I can support our family financially, without feeling like I'm missing out on their early childhood. 
You live for salty days in the sand, tropical palms and baby cuddles, share with us  your favourite way to pause, unplug and take care of the busy super Mama?
My favourite way to pause is to visit the ocean with my boys. Listening to their laughs, feeling the sand under my feet and smelling the sea always feels like a reset to me. It reminds me that the little things in life are what's important.
The idea of our journals is to sit down to PAUSE and  capture all the incredible moments you experience - which of our journals have you enjoyed most as a Mother? 
The PAUSE journal resonates the most with me. Motherhood and running a business can be busy. I love the questions and prompts in the PAUSE journal because they help me be present, reflect on where we've been and manifest the future for myself and my children.
Many Mamas use our journals with their little ones, as a slow down activity  filling them in together - which one did your boys enjoy most filling in together?
Phoenix and Cruz loved sitting down with me chatting about topics in the journal. I think it's a great way for them to practice mindfulness and learn more about themselves. 
What is your favourite thing about being a mother? 
My favourite thing about Motherhood is the joy that my children bring into my life.
Phoenix what is your favourite thing to do with mommy?
My favourite thing to do with mum is paint pictures and have picnics. 
 Phoenix's bucket list
  • learn how to surf
  • visit a magical castle
  • ride a hot air balloon together.
Find Traci Sheppard's Instagram HERE
Mother, photographer and writer, Nathalia Crabtree @our.Lovely.mess has a deep passion for traveling, cooking and endless summers. In 2007 She left the uber stylish Swedish capital Stockholm to study and live her dream adventure in our tropical land down under. Charmed by a local farmer, she ended up settling down in the country side, 12 hr drive from the closest city, Perth, a place where life is slow and she has ample time to truly connect with her kids, nature and passion for photography. On her beautiful Instagram feed you can see the dream of this free spirited Mama coming true with joy, reconnection and unconditional love!
You are a city girl from Stockholm who moved to the Australian countryside and had babies, Tell us about this experience and decision. 
I moved to Australia when I was 20 years old when studying the bachelor program at Bergh's School of Communications in Stockholm. I was fed up with the cold and wanted warmth and an adventure. I fell in love with a surfing hipster a year after the move and that was it, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Brett worked with climate change for the local government when we met up in the city but he is a farmer's son and together we moved back to the family farm eight years ago. It was the best decision, I lived in Stockholm when I moved overseas but I'm a country girl at heart, having grown up next to a farm in a beautiful old clergy house in the countryside. I love living close to nature and I feel so fortunate that after years of not quite knowing what I would do for work in the middle of nowhere can do my photography and writing through insta and while working with companies I love, making me feel like I'm using my communications degree.
What's the best thing about raising your kids in the countryside?
I absolutely adore that we have so much space. I love the fresh air, beautiful nature and magical sunsets. I love that my girls are growing up in the middle of nature, surrounded by animals and beauty. We love the ocean and my girls are so happy that we live close to the beach! We are so lucky to have endless white beaches in the little coastal town close to the farm and we love it so much we are building a house overlooking our favourite slice of beach paradise this year. It will be so lovely for the kids and I to be able to split our time between two places that we love so much. Country air and ocean time is good for the soul.
What is the favourite activity you and your kids like to do to spend time together? 
Without a doubt going to the beach! It just brings so much joy and energy! But it also tires the kids out and they sleep better haha.
Natalia you now have two beautiful daughters Pippa 3 and Olivia 1. What is your favourite thing about being a mother?
I love that I am sharing my life with two hilarious, beautiful and kind little souls. I love that they are part of me and my husband and that we have created our own little family together out of love. It's so wonderful how being a mother makes me grow and that I have learnt so much about myself and others. Being a mother is a dream come true and every time I look at my darling girls it fills me with endless happiness and love. It's not always easy and some days sure are long but it's always worth it.
What is your favorite thing about our Axel and Ash journals?
I love how these beautiful journals make me pause and reflect. I sit down and take a breather while thinking about my hopes and dreams and actually write them down, making it easier to work towards my goals. Be it the goal of finding more stillness or goals regarding parenting, travels or work.
Which of our journals inspire you to spend more time with your little ones? 
I love the "Pause" journal. It's such a good reminder to slow down and soak up the small, but magical, moments in our week. I am trying to be more mindful in my everyday life and I really think this journal holds me accountable to slow down with my little girls. It also helps me feel more calm and aware of what I daydream about or feel challenged by.
Our journals can be used alone or together with your kids as a family moment. What is your favourite thing about making time to Pause with our journals?
It's so easy to get lost scrolling your phone when you take a little break and I love that with the journals I actually feel recharged and organised after taking some time for myself. I also love reading the interviews with inspiring people.
"Pippa, what is in your bucket list that you would like to do with your Mum. 
I want to go and see the snow and reindeers in Mormors house (back home in Sweden). 
What are your favorite activities to do with your Mum?
  • Bake bullar (swedish cinnamon buns)
  • Picking flowers
  • Going to the beach 
  • Read books 
  • Eat sprinkly cookies 
What is your favorite thing about Mummy?
That she is kind and knows lots of things!  
Find Nathalia Crabtree's Instagram HERE
Meet Adventure Mama, writer, music manager, hair stylist, creator and mentor Nadia Bullock - a wandering soul whose love for freedom and self-growth created ’@seachangers’ an incredible mentoring space empowering women to dream big and step outside of their comfort zone to ultimately create their ideal life. And Nadia sure has herself! Owner of three businesses this jet setter is now also a Mama to charming little Kaleo, whose had addresses in dreamy Vancouver, Bali, Byron already - and he is only 1.5! Her passion to live and encourage other women to life a rich, passion-filled life and be the best version of themselves keeps her mighty busy, yet she always backs hers and her clients success with one ground rule - balance & self care!
Hi Nadia, you are such an inspiring Mama, running your own business, coaching and empowering women, tell us a bit more about Seachangers and how it came to life?
While travelling the world running my first two businesses (one a mobile hair company for weddings @nadiabullockhair & a music management company @musosent with my hubby) I began sharing my journey on my personal Instagram and instantly fell in love with the community & connection it organically was creating for me, connecting with other like minded women. As I was sharing more about our digital nomad & adventurous life I noticed I was getting the same questions all the time “how do you do this” “How can I create this lifestyle” etc. Then after going through my own transformation and becoming a mama, I was now getting it more from moms asking me the same. Stepping into motherhood I found a deep passion for connecting, supporting and helping other mama’s. As a lover of personal growth and always learning new ways to better myself and business, I realised Along my journey of entrepreneurship I didn’t have the supportive community I was looking for, when Covid hit and our business room a massive hit due to restrictions, I reached out to my close badass female founder @ouiwegirl and we began sharing ideas etc. We noticed many people were hit hard with covid and craving a place for connection, support and growth. That’s where Seachangers was born. A monthly gathering and coaching program where women come together to up-level their life and business focusing on both the inner work (personal growth) and business tools (professional growth) it’s important to grow a conscious sustainable business that suits your life and ideal lifestyle and that’s exactly what we mentor and support women do! Turn their passions into profits and creative freedom 💫
Kaleo is a gorgeous little prince that has already visited quite a few places at such a small age, what are the bucket list items that you have ticketed together?
Aw thank you! It’s been my dream to continue travelling when having kids and I’m grateful we’ve been able to take Kaleo on 13 flights his first year. My bucket list is ever growing with - an ethical safari to experience the animals up close in Africa, - to put him in a term program at Green School in Bali & visiting my family in Italy at the top of my life
You have been journaling with Axel and Ash for a while, What is Nadia’s and Kaleo’s favourite journal to spend time with?
While I love the pause journal for my “me time” I love using Bucket List with Kaleo creating our growing list of bucket list experience we want to do together as a family
You are an incredible entrepreneur whilst also being the most loving Mama, what do you do to keep your inner goddess in balance?
I wish I figured out how to balance it all but I haven’t! Motherhood and life is ever changing, I find that truly listening to what your mind, body & soul needs in that moment and to be able to create it for yourself is how I try to balance it all. Sometimes I need an ocean dip, bath or a walk in nature in the middle of the day and I allow myself to take it. I have a 5 min breathwork ritual I’ve been working on doing 3x a day and oh, essential oils! I LIVE off those!!!
What is your favourite thing about being a mother?
My fave thing about being a mother is experiencing life together! As life changing as it is, I’ve never experienced such joy and love in the everyday then when I had Kaleo. He makes everything better! Experiencing life through his eyes and being able to be a part of his journey, I’m forever grateful for!
Find Nadia Bullock's Instagram HERE 
Wanderlust spirit Kirianna Poole is a true sun chaser and adventure lover. As soon as she gets the chance, she loves to trade her fixed address for a life on the road with her travelling family of four. She is currently en route on the ultimate adventure around Australia, chasing sunshine in their gorgeous 1962 Volkswagen Kombi.
Kirianna, your life looks as the ultimate dream - road tripping around Aus in a refurbished Kombi with your 2 kids. Tell us a bit about yourself, your fam, where you are at now?
Thanks, really it was our dream. We wanted to travel as a family, and we wanted to do it in a kombi, so we set out to find our perfect car, which we did - and set off back in 2017. My son Riley (4) is our free spirit! He is a born traveller, a lover of people and just such a happy soul. Alba (1) is our flower child. She is cautious and protective, she loves “her” people, and she is always ready for a new adventure! Mix in two crazy parents and we make a joyful travelling family. We are currently in New Zealand after jumping on a flight as soon as the bubble opened last week to catch up with family and friends. This is mid-way through our second lap of Australia that we have been on since July 2021.
We know your passport is full of stamps, tell me a bit about how this passion for travelling started?
I was always captivated by the stories my aunty Pauline shared with me about her flight attendant daughter. Following that I had my first trip overseas to Disney Land in 1997. We flew to LA on a “jumbo jet” known then as a “747”. Back then they invited children up to the flight deck to say ‘hi’ to the pilots and look around – that is when the seed was planted. I was fascinated from the first moment and dedicated to fly. I then became an international flight attendant and later married my husband who is a pilot - continuing our adventures  around the world together. 
Packing up the comfort of a home and going to live on the road with two little ones is pretty wild! Tell us about this choice and decision.
We are definitely wild! :) But after our years living as expats in Tokyo, I can say the decision was easy. Truthfully; we struggle to sit still and crave adventure so when my husband Lachlan was grounded from his career as a pilot with the news of Covid hit - we  had a great chance to continue our travels full-time. A month in lockdown gave us time to re-map our lives 
With no doubt, life on the road must come with a few challenges - what are the best and the hardest part of being on the road with the kiddos ?
We live in each other’s pockets, so we definatley need to make time for ourselves and have learnt to manage time better and ways to navigate around it. We also struggle with space, which means that  we have reduced, reduced and reduced more - but we always find this the hardest part! Especially with colder destinations and extra winter gear. But despite any struggles - it’s all beyond worth it!
We like the idea of you sitting down after a crazy few days of exploring and writing down memories in our journals together with your little ones. Which of our journals inspire you to spend more time with your little ones?
I’ve documented all of Riley’s travels in your journals, they will forever be a monumental item of ours. We started  by documenting our world travels in your “Wanderlust journal” . I remember finding it in a little store on our travels and falling in love with it. I wrote about the 34 countries Riley had travelled to in his first 12months. Our highlight was Turkey when Riley took his first steps while the balloons floated above him. 
My current  fave is Pause! It’s such a beautiful reminder to be still and enjoy the little moments together  - because we life can really just speed by.  We love the reflection time and talk about our highs and our lows together, and we are big  believers that the lows are important to talk about and helps to appreciate our highs.
What is your favourite thing about being a mother?
It blows me away how children have un-conditional love and how on my bad days they are right there to give me a better day. I love how much I have grown through them too. 
Riley - instead of living in a house you live in a car. What is the coolest thing about living in a car?
My car is so cool, we can sleep in it.
What's your fave thing to do with your mum ?
Riley 5: Making pizza with a fire. 
Find Kirianna's Instagram HERE
She gave the gift of life, give her the gift of time


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