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Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by creating unforgettable memories with your partner? Forget the clichés; this Valentine's Day, embark on a journey of love, adventure, and excitement with our quirky and cool bucket list ideas. We challenge you to spice up your relationship, strengthen your bond, and capture every special moment in our “Insert Your Love Story” Bundles. It's time to gift your partner and yourself the key to a year filled with love, laughter, and shared experiences.

1. Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip with a Moonlit Dance
Explore a nearby town or hidden gem, camp under the stars, and dance to your favorite playlist as the moon sprinkles its magic over you, creating the most special and unexpected memories.

2. Plan a Creative Session
Get Your Artistic Juices Flowing: Set up a cozy space with great tunes, candles and art supplies and take turns creating self-portraits of each other or find a image you like to copy. See how close you can get to capturing each other's or the main image's likeness.

3. Have an acro-yoga date
Whether finding a local group, or setting up a yoga mat in the park or living room with a great acro yoga tutorial. trying different poses together and challenge each other will surely lead to both love and laughter! 

4. Try a new class/sport or studio

And set a goal! Like 'Starting today, we are going to go for an open ocean swim three times a week until you shorten your swimming time by 10%' or ' Begin a salsa class until you can dance a whole song without stepping on each other's feet.' Set up some cool and exciting goals and motivate each other to achieve them.

5. Craft a Stargazing Backyard Cinema
Transform your backyard into a cozy cinema, get the popcorn buttered, bring the blankets out, and cuddle up around the cushions under the stars to watch your favorite movies or get distracted by shooting stars and start a hunt for constellations.

6. Cook a Meal Together Without Using Any Recipes
Challenge each other's creativity in the kitchen, gather all the ingredients you have in the pantry, and don't allow any phones or cookbooks in the room. You will be surprised by what you can make together without any outside help.

7. Go on an Arcade Game Date
Relive the magic of old-school arcade games together and remember how romantic it can be to win a teddy bear for each other and take different snapshots printed from a photo booth with crazy hats.


8. Organize a Vintage Shopping Day
Spend a day exploring all the vintage shops and finding unique treasures for each other. Make it even more fun by letting your partner pick your items and picking yourself the ones he/she should try on.

9. Use a Time Capsule to Collect Your Most Special Moments
Gather mementos, pictures, drawings, a poem, wrapping paper, notes, and a wish for the future, and set them aside in a time capsule to be opened together someday.

10. Catwalk Closet Clean
Sip wine, light up some candles, and declutter together. Start trying on all clothes you don't use anymore and do a fun catwalk for each other! Help each other pick what you should let go of and donate to the local charity shop while bonding over memories.

11. Sign Up for a Random Couple Class
Explore new hobbies together with culinary, ceramic, or painting lessons, either in a group or as a private session. Buy a "do it at home" set to make it even more exciting—it could always end up with a body painting/clay session.

12. Write down your Bucketlist together. 
It's proven that writing down our goals makes us way more likely to achieve them, and working on goals together leads to a happier relationship. So make dinner date night where you answer the following questions to help create your list of 101 things you want to do with your one, wild and crazy life... and decide on one item to start to tick off on the dot!! ps. Our bucketlist journal is the perfect place to jot it all down! (link below):

- Who would you like to meet?
- Where would you like to travel?
- What challenges (if successfully achieved) would give you the biggest confidence boost? Are there things you would really, really like to be good at, but you doubt your capacity to do so?
- What bucketlist goals have you thought about but not pursued because you'd feel embarrassed if anyone knew you had that goal?
- What wierd and crazy things would you like to experience?
- What do you like consuming that you might like to have a go at producing? for example acting, writing a song, making a film, writing comedy, taking photos etc. 
- When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing?
- What would you like to learn? Imagine yourself as awestruck or giddy with excitement, what are you watching?


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