7 Ways to Unplug & Press Pause with Boss Mum, Crystal Bailey

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Crystal Bailey is not only one of Australia’s most sought-after and talented interior designers, she’s also an amazing mum of two boys, Johnny and London.

She’s one of those incredible humans who radiates an infectious energy that makes anyone in her presence glow the minute she enters a room.

We first met Crystal when she was making pots in her shed, with her infant on her hip, building her successful Design Twins brand with her then husband. Since then, she’s been through one hell of a journey with her life completely changing. She let go of her multi-million dollar business that she created and split up with her husband. How painful this process was, at the end of this heart ache, she finally discovered her true soul path and she credits a lot of it to taking time out to pause.

Today she is living the best version of herself - and most importantly, being the best mama for her two gorgeous sons.

She sat down with us to walk us through some of the ways she took time to herself to rediscover herself and achieve her goals.

“I wake up at 6am and spend an hour with myself, meditating, clearing my mind, setting intentions, writing down 10 things that I’m grateful for and then planning my day.

By putting a top priority on making time to pause in the morning as soon as I wake up, it’s made my day so much more productive. I’m laser focused on my children and my projects and I’m actually not stressed about anything, which makes me able to make better decisions from my head, my heart and my soul.”

Here are 7 small ways I unplug and pause from life:

1. Read a book in a cafe
2. Go for a swim at the beach to cleanse the soul
3. Meditate on on the grass, breathing the fresh air
4. Watch a favourite shows on Netflix to switch off and have a laugh
5. Listen to a podcast to re-energise and inspire
6. Go for a long drive to a spontaneous town and create beautiful memories!
7. Discover a new cafe for fresh energy


Take time to pause each week with our Press Pause journal

Check our her amazing work here

And look out for her new Youtube series coming soon.


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