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To all our aspiring muses, 2021 is calling your name!

2020 has been weird and wonderful in all it's ways, but one thing most people agree on, is that it's given us all time to pause and think about what really matters. Time to reset and consider what we truly want to to do with our one wild and precious life. To me, one of the things I love most about life is developing and pushing my body and mind to new levels. Being surrounded by so many talented, dedicated and goal focused individuals, I am constantly inspired and in awe of things they can and driven to learn so many new things myself. And often I pledge I will - then for some reason, I never end up doing so!

Are you like me? Do you often look at people in awe of their talent and want to learn what they do, but end up never doing it?Earlier this month when I sat down and wrote my New Years goals I realised that the only difference between us and them is - D E D I C A T I O N ! 

It's seriously THAT simple! 

So, Kicking off in 2021, I've decided to challenge myself to a


where I will learn 12 new talents in 12 months from 12 experts in their field...
by only dedicating 20 MINUTES / DAY!

I would love for you to join me on the ride!

Bucketlist journal



This business started with me (Axel) writing down my bucket list. On #13 I had 'start a business' - and that is the very first thing I ticked off, and how Axel & Ash and our very own 'My BUCKETLIST' journal was created! Having written down my goals and desires have since led me to pursue a life of my dreams and I have been lucky enough to travel the world 6 months/year and ticked off so many things from the bucket list along the way like...

#13 - Start my own business
#16 - Slide down a firestation pole
#21 - Roadtrip across the US
#33 - Sleep under the bare sky
#37 - Smoke a cigar in Cuba
#80 - Play fussball on the beach in copacabana
#86 - Dance on a rooftop party in NYC

(Full list inside the cover of our 'My BUCKETLIST' Journal - where we tick off the things I've done for every new print run.) 

Flying around the world and growing Axel & Ash to the business it is today have been absolutely incredible. I truly believe in the magic of how putting words on paper and writing down your goals, dreams and desires helps you focus on making them come true. I have had the absolutle time of my life! Meanwhile - with a full on schedule, there are so many more things on my bucket list that I have been put aside like: 

#11 - Learn to walk on my hands
#18 - Learn to play a song on the guitarr 
#30 - Learn a profesional dance routine w. a partner
#40 - Design a Piece of clothing and sell. 
#66 - Ride a horse bareback on the beach. 
#90 - Swim into a beautiful secluded cave (Free-dive) 

These are all things that I am super passionate to do, however they take more dedication. When life took an unexpected turn with COVID-19, it left the Australian borders to be close, even within the country, meaning that time is now available to us more than ever. To me this has meant the perfect time to reflect, slow down and dedicate time to the things I really want to learn!  



During 2020 I came across so many things I wanted to learn, and realised that I just need to dedicate the time and be consistent. There are so many things you can learn in only a month, by simply dedicating 20 minutes a day to practice! So I decided that 2021 is going to be my year of learning!

From January 1st, I will set aside 20 minutes a day to practice a new set skill for each month. To help me, I will connect with a professional in the field that will be my muse for that month to help create a one-month program that will spell out the methodology and the exact exercises I need to do each day to manage to reach each skill by the end!

 Wether it's to: 

  • Learn to freedive
  • Learn to do the splits
  • Learn a roller skate routine
  • Learn hand lettering
  • Learn to play a song on the guitar
  • ....

I have an endless bucketlist of things I want to learn - and I though why not do it together! There is nothing like inspiring each other and I am super excited to create a little tribe of people joining me for each month! 

Before every month I will put out a vote and choose the most popular item for the following month... and then it's only about dedicating those 20 minutes a day! 

Are you with me!?

Send me a PM on @axelandash instagram and I'll add you to the group! Looking forward to challenge each other and develop together!

With Love,



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