There is something about traveling that fills the soul with a mysterious energy. We are born into this world naked and without anything, and we leave this world still naked but with a heart and mind full of wisdom, experiences and memories from the journeys we had. As a storybook full of stories.

Ever since our ancestors were drawing in the caves to the evolution and creation of electricity, phones, airplanes, cars, computers, Ipod’s and facebook, the world has had many powerful, intelligent creators making their stories history. A history that has made the world into what it is today. However, ultimately there is no difference between their journey and yours. We are all have Our own individual journey in this world, and nothing is as important and interesting as your own. Nothing beats your own story.

So… record it, write it down and capture those moments in life that are special to you. The book we are creating AT the moment is for you to capture YOUR story while traveling the world. Let your mind wander, be curious, try new things – don’t try new things. Meet people, write down your ideas, forever the moments you smile, the moments you cry, the times you laugh. This will be your book… bring it wherever you go, let it become your best friend.

Go out in this big wild world and follow your instincts. And don’t be afraid to dream big. Life is too short, we only have one shot at it. We are not getting yesterday back, so live today, live it to each and every second! Live life to full, and and make your story history!