I wish so much I would be in Hong Kong now with Ash and follow her on all the adventures.

It all sounds so exciting and I hate not being part of it. Oh if I could turn back time I would’ve probably booked a flight even if it was only for three days and a 9 hour flight one-way…

Getting picked up from trainstations by random printers. Coming to dodgy suburbs. Visiting abandoned warehouses. Climbing forgiven stairs. Going in old style elevators. Getting to feel every type of lamination existing in this world. Stalk printers on saturdays and get them to come in to the office. Being asked out by random chinese. Being loaded with samples. Visiting cute book shops. Visiting Cool bookstores. Having lunch with future prospect businesspartners.

And finishing off every night with fancy drinks in Skybars and big white fancy hotel beds with fluffy pillows…I want each and every part of it.