Since the launch of our two creative journals we have been juggling every part of our business ourselves. From ideas, product development, publishing and distribution to the writing, design, photography, marketing… you name it, we’ve done it! Our heads are full to the brim of wanderlust that we want to share with the world and we have absolutely loved every bit and love to learn, experience and develop our skills. We constantly have a million fun projects we want to pursue… but with only so many hours in a day it unfortunately means we just don’t have time to do it all ourselves anymore.  So we decided to team up with an excellent writer who is putting pen to paper to help us share all the spirit and ideas that’s stuck in our heads.


Let us introduce you to the creative mastermind, Leah.


Leah spends most of her days scratching musings on pieces of scrap paper, drinking coffee strong enough to see through time and savouring the aroma of burnt toast and open fires.  Chaotic and passionately curious, Leah is a product of a childhood that was perfectly flawed and incredibly colourful. She harbours behavioural peculiarities that are only hers, but her most favourite traits are that of her mother. Desperately curious and driven by creativity, Leah’s greatest passions are reading, writing and absorbing all she can from the world around her, and the right man makes her dopamine levels go a bit silly.. 😉


Leah is a keen traveller who has visited some of the most remote corners of the world, including volunteering on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, where she was awoken by a startled baboon hanging from her bed post while on safari, and backpacking through cobblestoned villages throughout Europe learning Swiss from a local baker and losing herself completely in the romantic maze of Venice.


Leah is currently working on her debut novel and you can find more from her personal writing on her blog Don’t Ask Leah,


Leah will be the lifesaving editor for our stories and will be contributing her passion for travel, quirky tips and finding the absolute beauty in each and every day… and we are super excited to have her onboard the Axel & Ash team!


Welcome Leah!