Tick! We now have a distributor in the UK & Europe!!

Going to all the bookstores in London was grand. It was so much fun to see them all, learn how each one was established and admire the unique designs of each store. And we got a fantastic response on the book. When showing the store managers Swept away by Wanderlust, most were really interested and wanted to stock our book which was so delightful and encouraging to hear how much they like it. However, I learnt that many stores in the UK only purchases books through a Distributor. They were all very helpful with what distributors they ordered their books through and if they recommended any ones in particular for us to use. Before I knew it I had 3 main distributors which each store seemed to use. So after some discussion on the phone as usual me & Hanna decide to get us a distributor. I had already researched distributors when i first got to London as we had it in mind and felt like i sent a million emails. but it was probably more like 10! And from those I only got 2 replies, one being an automatic reply! It was a bit depressing, so a new plan of attack was needed because I couldn’t leave London without a distributor! I then decided to follow up on my emails but only on the 3 which the stores recommended. Then after many phone calls and getting transferred a few to many times I finally had a meeting with one of the most well known distributors – Central Books!

Going to the meeting reminded me of when I was in China and visiting all the different printing houses. I was in the area of Hackney which is a suburbian/industrial area a bit outside the centre of London. Central Books was right next to the station and stood out as it was the only big tall building in the area. I met with the lovely accounts manager of the company and showed him our book. Two hours later we had a distributor!!! The very well known Central Books whom has been distributing books and magazines since 1939 with a wide breadth of over 150 book publishers, stocking over 10,000 book titles and over 140 magazines is now our distributor for the UK & Europe. When I walked out I called Axel as soon as possible, not beliving it myself I was so excited to say “we are now going to be stocked in the UK baby!” 😉