Cruising the Hawaiian Islands in a Jeep with your best friends and your hair blowing in the wind  = Wanderlust!

This was a bucketlist item for me (Ash) and courtesy of the awesome crew at Hawaiian Jeep Rentals, this exciting bucketlist item could be completed. In Australia, we drive on the left side so when it came to driving on the complete opposite side, it was… errrr… different to say the least! I was super nervous, excited and scared all at the same time. With Axel and our friend Maria in the back (both from Scandinavia who drive on the right hand side of the road), they were worried with me driving- to say the least. It was hilarious! But after urgent on the road classes in which way to look, and with the top down, we cruised up to the North Shore to check out the awesome surf town of Hanalei and back around the whole island with great success! Found the best vegan cafe – Beetbox – a must if you are in town! Also found an awesome waterfall hike with our pilot friends,  bunch of cute stores, a macadamia farm (Yum) and the best local fish place on the island with the coolest bartender & Miss Hula Oahu ever – Whitney at Buzz’s. If in Lanakai – go say hi to her, ask for her fave fish dish with the amazing salad buffet and enjoy some of the best shaken drinks & Hawaii stories on the island!

Drive a Jeep in Hawaii – TICK!