Croissants, bicycles, berets, fresh raspberries, champagne, the Eiffel Tower, nutella crepes and two beautiful old bookstores that you will get wonderfully lost in… (Shakespeare & Co and the Librarie Galignani – ‘Oui, sil vou plait!’.
The books cover the walls from head to toe. I remember when I was a little girl reading about the Shakespeare & Co bookshop. It was the store that was the epicenter of Anglo-American literary culture and modernism in Paris. Famous writers and artists such as Ernest Hemingway,  F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein and Man Ray all spent a great deal of time in there.
When I arrived in Paris in May and met with the managers of the most famous Parisian bookshop, I showed them Swept away by Wanderlust and began telling them about it. I was unusually nervous telling them about it. When I eventually stopped talking, they said absolutely yes they will stock it! I was in shock and thought I was dreaming, it’s funny how we always have this barrier of expectation that we will receive a no, so just to make sure I asked them again just incase I was about to wake up. They smiled and said send us 5 copies!
As I walked out of the famous bookshop, I couldn’t stop smiling, I called Hanna and told her the great news… “The tiny world famous ramshackle English-language bookshop tucked away on the Left Bank, in the shadow of Notre Dame, who was home to the most famous artists’ in the world, which opened in 1919 just said yes to stocking our book!”. – “No, way!” she replied.
It was then when life couldn’t seem to get any more fabulous – it did when I went to visit the Librarie Galignani which I learnt is the oldest English bookshop on the continent! The bookshop is sitting on the fabulous Rue de Rivoli street near the famous tea house Coco Channel regularly visited, Angelina. Walking into the bookstore I understood why it’s also known as the most elegant bookstore in Paris! It was incredibly beautiful as if Coco Channel walked in from next door and designed herself. This independent bookstore has been run by six generations of the Galignani family and it has been a landmark for all the English-seeking Parisians and visitors of the city since 1801. When I spoke with the lovely French manager I presented her Swept away by Wanderlust, she also loved it and said a big YES to stocking it send us 10 copies! j’aime paris!
These two incredibly beautiful, old and historic bookstores today are our gorgeous retailers stocking Swept away by Wanderlust. So if your in Paris, pop in and fall crazy in love with these historic bookstores whilst your looking for a new travel journal!
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Rue Rivoli


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