Are you planning a trip that you think has book potential? Somewhere different.  Something unique or someplace exotic? You may travel a lot for work and believe you already have a story to share. Perhaps you’d like your travel blog to be more than just a list of places and dates. Or maybe you’ve recently returned from riding backwards on a unicycle across Africa whilst towing a small inflatable paddling pool! Step this way. If you think there could be a book in it, YOUR travel memoir journey has just begun!

The amazing Writer/Journalist  Claire Scobie who edited our book Swept away by Wanderlust is running a Travel Memoir course at the Australian Writers Centre.

Born in England and after finishing studying History at Cambridge University, Claire went on several expeditions to Tibet. On one of these journey’s Claire met and interviewed the Dali Lama and also made a beautiful friendship with a Tibetan nun. After these incredible experiences Claire  came back and captured her journey’s in Tibet and wrote her first book Last Seen in Lhasa which won the  Dolman Best Travel Book Award and is now published in several languages.

Claire has an abundance of knowledge and experiences to share and is truly a wonderful writer/mentor. Through attending the very same course several years ago I  came across and met Claire!  With eager anticipation Claire is also about to release  her second book which we can’t wait to read.

And what a better way that to bring our book  “‘swept away by WANDERLUST” on your travels to capture all of the little moments that will later make up your own Travel Journal.

Click here for more information on the course.