Started today at 4 am and now it’s almost 4am again but got a lot done. Flew to Sydney, worked through the whole flight, arrived at Reetta’s beach pad in Clovelly at 2pm and soon got accompanied by Salleigh and Nathan and went for lunch in my missed Bondi. Tried Lox Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels (or whatever the new joint is called.) Had a fantastic Lox sandwich and some raw food balls at the cafe few doors down, oh how I missed the Bondi food! And Salleigh! Soo good to see this gorgeous chic. Realized we were holding hands like a loving couple in the back of the car haha.

Lovely Nathan acted taxi and drove me to Berkelouw where we had a Event meeting with our photographers, artists and staff at 6.30pm. It was so great to meet everyone after alot of email correspondence. A mix match of fantastic passionate personalities and we are so glad to have them all on board! And how great it was to see Ash and Nicole (one of our best friends who’s gonna sing at the launch)! Barely any time to catch up though.. Work work work..

Discussed menus, the schedule, camera shots, equipment, entertainment, music, drinks, positioning, lighting etc. until 10pm! As we got kicked out of the store as they were closing I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with Reetta as she was passing by in the cab on the way home from work! Lucky I have workaholic friends! Off home to Reetta’s to work even more with Reetta’s fantastic help! and now a well needed sleep before a full day tomorrow. Gonna try to remember to snap some more shots tomorrow!