It’s been a busy few weeks for me, first a new job last week and then this week moving house! We moved to Sunbeam Way in east Perth’s Claisebrook Cove which is one of my favorite spots in Perth! And I am just in love with the address! We lived in the same apartment complex 3 years ago so it feels like coming home. The best thing is that my job is literally 100 m away on the same street! Sweet! I am the worst at being on time so hopefully this will help. I now work as a news director for ABC again. (Same thing as I did in Sydney). I was lucky that a directors position opened up here in Perth, because they started to send a national news bulletin at 5.30pm. Otherwise it happens like-never! It has been fun to see how they work here and lots to learn. Now I am trained up to do the 7pm by myself which feels great! So now it’s unpacking the house to make it homey and cosy which is next on the list!
During these last few weeks I have pretty much left Ash to take care of everything about the book – and she is a rock at it! Thank you dear.. Not long until we are there now!