Bec & Ash met two summers ago whilst they were both working at the cute little bookstore “Gertrude & Alice” in Bondi. When Bec wasn’t busy making coffee’s and Ash wasn’t busy serving them, they endlessly talked about what books they were reading, where they’d been travelling and their future adventures.

After summer 2012 Bec left Bondi to go study at Kobenhavns University in Copenhagen. Although before she got to Denmark she went on a great adventure for 2 months travelling to Burma, India, Nepal, Morocco, Egypt and Spain. It was when Ash saw Bec’s pictures popping up on Facebook that she realised how beautifully Bec captures people and the places she visited. Bec has such a natural eye for the right composition and subject that everytime you would see one of her pictures it felt like you were right there, travelling in India with her.

Today, Bec is almost finished studying and has plans to write her own book about all her travels that will be complimented by her stunning photography. Also, she arrived back in Bondi not long ago which we are stoked about as now she is coming to the book launch!

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 Bec shot from Egypt on Pg 91.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 9.04.01 AM

Some of Bec’s shots from Burma & India on Pg 113.