After 4 months living in Sydney it was time to go back to my other home in Perth again-where my apartment and boyfriend is. I was super excited to see my beau but still sad about the thought that I left all my gorgeous Sydney friends and would miss everyday life with then.

After 5 hours on the plane I come home to THIS!

When I open the door in the whole room is filled with red & pink balloons hanging from the cieling – I’ve never seen anything so pretty in a room before – it looked absolutley unreal! Like a fairytale! My heart got filled to the brim with warmth that he’d done something so sweet! Just when I got my breath back I get the most surprising welcome I ever got. Out from our room comes a big group of friends jumping and screaming SURPRISE!!!

I couldn’t believe it! Having all these people coming to welcome me home meant the world! What a frekkin unreal welcome! Suddenly moving back to the most remote (but also insanely beautiful) city in the world felt so exciting. And I must say that my man is the best boyfriend ever! After telling him I wanna live in Sydney and moving back to Perth only for him-he couldn’t have found any better way to welcome me and make me realise how much I accually do love Perth and how beautiful life is here too!