Arrived in Sydney today. Came to Ash’s house just in Time for her to get home from work. We went for a loong Walk.

Bondi to Bronte – My favorite one!

We talked and talked and talked. Tried to catchup on everything! It is crazy how that even though we chat every day and send a million emails to eachother we are always behind and need to catch up on soo much!

Sculptures by the sea is on so the visually stunning walk is (if possible) even more interesting! On the way back we had a delicious dinner at “Mongers” where we focused back on work and made a to-do list for my 10 days here! It’s a crammed list. 
  1. Design all chapters
  2. Design Website
  3. Make business cards
  4. Photoshoots
  5. Filmshoots
  6. Draw “life” page
  7. Words for predjudsit page
  8. Decide on all pictures
  9. Get originals
  10. Write contract for photographers
  11. Meet retailers
  12. Meet printers
  13. Get quotes…….
It goes on and on..
We worked hard all night in Ash’s beautiful vintage room until our eyes went cross and we fell asleep in her amazing white princessbed!
And now I just woke up, Happy and full of excitment in one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world.

I love Sydney!