Paris, this beautiful city is truly magnifique! I have been here for cinq (5) days and it has gone by so quickly and finally I now have a moment to write. Where to start, well firstly I am completely head over heels in love with this city and have been since the day I was a little girl and saw a picture of the La Tour Eiffel. Now here I am, sitting in Angelina the famous tea house where Coco Chanel came to relax indulging in a delicious dessert writing in Swept away by Wanderlust. I know I said this in my last post but I am totally utterly in love with the book also! It’s hilarious and I know I shouldn’t probably be talking the book up so much, but it’s really beautiful and when I am writing in it I just can’t help to smile knowing how far we came and that I have this stylish chic  journal I can take around the world with me. The excitement I am getting by filling it out is hilarious! It’s the same excitement I got when I found an old vintage dress at a garge sale and my Celine Blazer I got for 3/4 of the price!

Now to the work part – Books, books and more books. I have visited many cute, unique, old & stylish bookstores over the last few days to approach them about stocking our book. This means I really got to practise my French – it has been so much fun! I am getting Tres Bien (very good): “Bonjour! comment allez-vous? je m’appelle Ashleigh…’ Every store has been so delightful and inspiring to visit and each and every one is so different and unique and I just love the atmosphere and the amazing book shop keepers – like the man with the perfect moustache or the chic french ladies. And even better is that  inbetween each store I got to stop to shop at the endless boutique stores, eat a (many) crossoints, drink wine and take some pics of the old streets.

But now –  the best part of all! I am very excited to announce that Swept away by Wanderlust is now to be stocked in Paris! I am looking forward to telling you all the stores in the coming week, a little surprise. But I will give you a hint with the most exciting one of all – it’s one of the oldest, most famous book stores in the world  – close to Notre Dame!

Other than the bookstores, I have had the opportunity to meet with some beautiful friends and other writers living in this gorgeous city. Tara June Winch the award winning Australian novelists and feature writer for Vogue is one of them – look forward to telling you more about her in the next post. Sylvain, the truly most sweetest French gentlemen I have came across and staying with has also taken me all over this vast city – visiting the cafe’s where the famous writers wrote, eating and sipping on Cosmopolitian’s at cool French restaurants & bars and then getting wonderfully lost filming the areas and streets of Paris.

I now have 3 days left… which is plenty of time for me to get into some more trouble. Oui ! I just wish I had my gorgeous partner in crime with me.





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