Roma, La dolce Vita! (The good life, full of pleasure and indulgence). A week in Rome and I am completely swept away. This city is incredibly beautiful and has captured my heart. A city with so much history, monuments (over 2,000 years old), art, literature, music, food, museums, galleries and the best designers in the world. I have absolutely completely adored every single day in this buzzing city.

Other than eating pizza, pasta and indulging in the most delicious gelato in the world in this ancient city I have had the opportunity to get wonderfully lost only to find myself coming across some of the most unique and gorgeous bookstores I’ve ever seen. From the super busy and popular Borri Books English bookstore in the main Rome Termini (train) station to La Feltrinelli International – a very modern music & bookstore with an edge  (sort of reminds me of Richard Branson’s Virgin stores, mmm  probably owned by him). Then, thinking I was going to the Metro I stumbled across a very cool and unique underground bookstore – the Libreria Underground. Then there was Vertecchi which I found next to one of my favourite places in the city (the Spanish steps) in the Piazza di Spagna, a beautifully creative design store with a bit of everything from journals, notebooks and vintage calanders to tea cups and elegant pen. And then they sell Art supplies next door which cutely you follow a red path to it. Then last but not least my favourite of them all Almost Corner Bookshop in the lovely bohemien and trendy area of Trastevere. The entire area of Trastevere is all cobblestone streets with narrow alley ways and is home to the locals and many artistst. The bookstore is independently owned, a gem hidden off the main street and really friendly guys in there running it.

I can’t believe my time here is over. I wish I had another week as I feel I only just saw a quarter of this gorgeous an powerful city.  Luckily, I visited the Trevi Fountain a few times just to ensure my return visit in the future. It was amazing visiting the bookstores presenting the book and I got such great feedback, so watch this space as we are going to have great news very soon on which ones you can find Swept away by Wanderlust in!


On top of the Vatican



Walking into Sistine Chapel






Almost Corner Bookshop

Almost aroun the corner











Ciao xx