Sweet & Sour.
Pure & Greasy.
Warm & Cold.

"Gravlingarydsmasterskapen" - The annual mastership competition taking place in the summer house.

All my nieces & nephews (2 more to come in August)

Summer days

I have been in Sweden for a month now. Working away from Ash. Missing Ash. Speaking with Ash as soon as I can.  Her mornings are my nights. Her nights are my mornings. I am working here at a swedish tv-channel now for a month. Great times. Learning lots and get lots of new inspiration. And Sweden inspires me overall. The classic, pure, clean style. Not too much, not too little. Everywhere. Everything. It is all LAGOM. 

That swedish word that doesnt exist in other languages. It pretty much means just that “Not too much, not to little”. You can use it for anything.
How much butter do you want? – Lagom.
What´s the temperature like? – Lagom.
Was it easy or hard? – Lagom.
What pricerange are you after? – Lagom.
And you don’t even need to ask, how much is lagom. People just know. Thats it. Cause everyone is the same. Everyone is somehow Lagom. Its nice. I like it. Its home. Comforting. Nothing is too extravagant. But nothing is bad. Everything is somewhere in the middle. A good standard of Lagom.
So where I wanted to come is that it changes my look on the Book a bit. It makes me want clean white lines. Everything feels clean and bright here. If someone has a white shirt it’s White. Everyone has beautiful Bright homes. Maybe all the blonde people just make the city look Brighter!? And it makes me want a clean, bright, white look. Which we are kind of going for anyways… Then again, on Friday I will be in Bold Colourful Barcelona, in 2 weeks on the Vintage Italian Countryside and then in the Green Austrian Alps. Inspiration Attack.
 And in the end I will stand there once again…
Creative, Happy & Confused.
Swirling all my impressions together with Ash´s into one
Big, White, Colourful, Oldstyle, Little Modern Book!