Today I have been working on developing a strategy to distribute our book. Our plan so far has been to do everything ourselves but today it hit me that this goes against every advice I’ve ever received.

I am a person who always want to do everything myself, and I have a problem giving away work and trust people as I doubt they will put as much passion and effort into the job as I would. But a great advice I once got that still echoes in My head is:

“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and move out of their way”

Sounds pretty clever. A few weeks ago I also got advised to always use the right person for the job if you want to advance rapidly. With these guidelines I decided to source distributors and See what someone else can bring to the table. I was excited to find “Peribo” who supplies a great range of beautiful books, many of them I’ve flicked through myself in the same shops as we are interested to sell our books in.
It was fun to read and learn about the business and how they work and I am now looking forward to contacting them and perhaps look at a work relationship for the future!