I was completely surprised today. Having planned to spend the night having a quiet BBQ with my sister & her kids who is down from Gothenburg. But then I was stoked when she suddenly blindfolded me and told me we are going somewhere. I couldn’t in my wildest imaginations guess what was about to happen. After driving through the city, walking the streets, entering a building and up some stairs I was met by this:

There were my bestest, oldest, most incredible Swedish friends smiling & laughing saying since they didn’t have the chance to come to our launch party in Sydney they wanted to throw their own Swedish Release party for me! So they made this beautiful setting with summer red Rose, an incredible WANDERLUST sign, the most beautiful cake made into the shape of the book, fresh flowers, a homemade heart hat from the clown of the group and all you can imagine for a perfect party.

I was tear eyed when I saw it all. I couldn’t be more surprised. I couldn’t be happier. I am stoked that my friends had put so much thought and care into celebrating something I had achieved. The care, the understanding and the love.

Tess, Natta, Tant Malin, Erika, Magda and the first night of leaving her baby at home – Pillan you are the bestest and most incredible friends one can wish for! Tack!