To Ampersand on Crown, Surry Hills, Sydney! A gorgeous Cafe & Bookstore where you will find endless books to read, the perfect soy latte, delicious food and fresh juice all served by super sweet, down to earth & friendly staff. Oh and there is also there is a cute travel journal for sale!

When we approached Rob the postive & incredibly energetic new manager of this adorable cafe a few weeks ago to stock our book, he was so excited for us and said yes right away! When he said yes it was pretty sureal. I began to tell Rob the story that his cafe was actually the very spot where Hanna & I rocked out our first meeting for Swept away by Wanderlust with our graphic designer! and that together we spent many days & nights in the cafe working on the book! He then was even more excited.

So if your in Sydney and want a beautiful cafe to relax or read in, pop in and say hello to these lovely guys! The place has a huge part of our hearts everywhere and Surry Hills is a fabulous area. The vibe of the cafe is so welcoming, you never know what amazing ideas could stem for you! it’s aura brings out the creative side in you. Oh they also sell wine and olives for the afternoon bask!

Monday – Thursday, 8am-5pm
Sunday 9-5pm


Friday – Saturday, 8pm-10pm





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