This weekends plans to catch up on some work went pearshaped with too much fun stuff going on all weekend. It started with friday night after work drinks followed by saturday morning run, shopping (I did find a new store so did some work!), long saturday brunch and beach fun  in Freo, movie night, sunday morning at the gym, Subi fresh food markets, hangout at Anne-Maries, dinner party at mine that I was too late for myself and my very first episode of Game of Thrones with the girls that I fell asleep to exhausted.

So here I am working hard to cross of the never ending todo list. But I’m loving it. Snacking on some homemade pesto and fresh greens from the weekend markets and drinking lots of my favorite herbal teas from Kakulas in Freo in our gorgeous new teacups! Favourite chore of the day was to write handwritten letters to our fabulous overseas Indiegogo contributors that supported our launchparty before even getting the book on the market. What is better than receiving a handwritten letter, a real one with stamps on it.

Now it’s time to go for a run and clear the head!