It always seems to be the way with Hanna & I – working across countries and continents never quite getting to see one another. Well, today, we almost saw each other! On my way to the next stop (London, UK) I had a 4 hour stop over at Copenhagen. As I was flying over the Alps it only just occured to me that Copenhagen is actually only 15 minutes from Malmo, Sweden. Amongst everything, I forgot to tell Hanna I would be there. As the plane was flying over the Baltic Sea getting ready to touch down into CPH I saw the famous tall building of Malmo city (the Turning Torso) which Hanna told me all about and laughed so much at the fact we are the closest distance to each other since we saw each other at the launch, yet we still don’t see each other – hilarious! Well – only a week or so now until we are united again!

Flying over the Alps


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