Whilst Hanna was doing an amazing job indoors and working all day yesterday, the weather was absolutely beautiful in Sydneytown – so I got the day off and I went for another adventureous walk, this time with friends! With the incredibly gorgeous Salleigh & Claire we went on a 4 hour return walk from Bondi to Watson’s Bay.

On our walk we stopped by anywhere that looked like fun and curious to hang by… the lighthouse, lookouts, the wharf, the coastal walk, the boathouse… It was such a beautiful and calm walk. However, the most unique and funniest thing – it wasn’t until I got home that I realised… the three of us talked and laughed for the entire 4 hours! Life, men, holiday’s, books, vintage shopping, exhibitions, family, friends – bouncing from one topic to the next. When I sat down at home and took my boots off (yes still wearing them in) I was still smiling. A sign of a good time! I wish I could take these two in my pocket on The Camino – bring them out to play, chat and bounce around.