My friend Marcus, who is an amazing cinematographer, sent me a text a while ago saying “Check your email – you have to book tickets to Samsara NOW”… “Do it NOW!”.

Not daring to miss it, I opened my mail where I had a preview invitation, and got hold of 4 tickets. Of course it turned out to be the same night as my work Christmas party – but with Marcus recommending something I knew I HAD to see this. So I bought my boyfriend and 2 friends to see it. And wow!

What a trip. What a journey. What a story.

This film is not like anything I have ever seen. The director Ron Fricke gives you exclusive entries into little corners of our world that you have heard exists but you’ve never seen or would otherwise gain entry to. Through stunning shots he takes you on a trip through our world, to the good, the bad and the ugly. And without a word he leaves you questioning. What? Why? When? How?

The film is a through pleasure for the eye but complete chaos for the mind, and I left the cinema in a bit of a dark place thinking “what now?” at the same time as I felt enlightened and priviliged to have been let into a new world.

I would recommend everyone to see this film. As Marcus said – Do it NOW! It sceens at Australian theatres on the 25 December, 2012. (Perfect Christmas gift for a dear friend!)