I got to know that my Friend Erika & her Ovidi were going to perform in Melbourne – as soon as I heard I knew I had to go see their show, and surprise them of course.

Erika & Ovidi are clowns! They performed at the spring fling festival in town. So I went for a long weekend in Melbs, to  then go to Sydney to see my beloved Ash again and work work work on the book! As well as surprise my girlfriends there!

I am so glad i did because Wow – What a play. It was so beautiful, funny, cute, loving and just a bomb of hilarious creative simplicity. I recommend everyone to See it. I hope it Will tour the world soon!

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I spent 5 days with Erika getting to know the streets of Melbourne. I met her friends, found cute little lane ways, visited great cafes, wondered around town, danced on silent discos, talked talked talked, and just enjoyed being together again. In yet another little part of the world.

Hanging at “The black cat”, Fitzroy – Erika’s old workplace.

Bit of Swedish style

Research, inspiration, work…

Silent Disco!