Last weekend, we got up in front of a crowd of like-minded creatives to share our incredible journey of starting a creative business.

When Olivia from Don’t tell Summer approached us to be part of their epic motivational speaker line up at her event Rad Livin, we were honoured, excited – and a whole big bundle of nerves!  Hosting this event also happened to be one of Olivia’s big Bucket list ticks, so we of course said a big fat yes to being part of the day (I mean, c’mon – how often do you get to be part of someone’s bucket list dreams?!).

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Rad livin’ was such a unique event:  Picture a fun, inspiring conference, mixed with laid-back festival feels, packed with inspiring creatives and successful entrepreneurs sharing their dreams and stories. Add live music, collaborative spaces, good vibes, an open bar, and a donut cart (yep, an entire cart full of sugary goodness!) and you have a recipe for a memorable day. The event was designed to inspire budding creatives to live their dreams now – and it definitely delivered that and more.

The day bought together down-to-earth, successful speakers who are doing what they love and passionate about inspiring other’s to do the same. We heard stripped-back stories about chasing dreams  – the ups, the downs, the good and the rewarding. Although we were both jittery before we got up there (thinking we’d be sweating bullets and jumbling our words), the amazing crowd made it a fun and a super relaxed experience. We loved hearing the stories of the other speakers and to get approached and told that our story has touched and inspired another person (let alone a whole room of amazing humans) was so deeply humbling.



The highlight of both our days was simply being surrounded by so many like-minded souls, curious to know our story and to collaborate, dream and share ideas – whether it was listening to a fellow entrepreneur’s journey,  having a D&M with young budding artist or sharing the tips needed to inspire the eager dreamers to become doers!

In a world that throws out inspiration everywhere – which is what makes it so magical – being in a space that brings it all to life was truly incredible.

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