For most 3rd birthday celebrations there are a few things that are guaranteed inclusions. Fun, colour, smiles, photos, getting down and messy, and an amazingly awesome birthday boy or girl who is super excited in the attention of the party. One Waves third birthday party, shared the birthday love and excitement from just one individual to every single participant who attended the worldwide event.


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One Wave is all it Takes is the inspirational organisation that tackles mental health and awareness in a totally different way than the normal medically structured approach. It’s the brainchild of Grant Trebilco and Sam Schumacher and the premise is simple: Turn up to the beach on a friday morning in some fluro clothes and get out in the water for a surf together. The fluro is an act of defiance, and also a way to bring attention to the cause. Grant and Sam want to ensure that the participants know that mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and instead be proud of being part of this group. For those who cannot surf, there is yoga on the beach or the simple connection and companionship of having someone who knows what you are going through. Through the simple recipe of salt, sand and surf these gents have transformed a simple idea into one that is now practised at over 50 beaches worldwide. A community of individuals who have a very real connection with each other.



To ensure their 3rd birthday meeting was one that would not soon be forgotten, they proposed to make the biggest human wave along the beach. So just after sunrise on a cool friday morning in March, a daisy chain of brightly coloured individuals snaked along Bondi beach. With long silhouetted shadows creating a gorgeous reflection of the excitement and community of the event, they were only overshadowed by the eclectic brightness of the fluro outfits, some which eclipsed the sunlight with their radiance. Once everyone was in position a Mexican wave of sorts was created with the help of a megaphone and a Bondi surf rescue buggy to rally the troops. It was an amazing sight that had the many Bondi early morning joggers, fitness fanatics and walkers stopping in their tracks to gaze at the sight.



The Axel and Ash team were privileged enough to be part of this great event and wish the One Wave is all it Takes team a very happy 3rd birthday.



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