My last day in Italy I decided that I would travel down South to spend it by the ocean and tick off one of my life long bucket list items ‘Eat pizza in Naples‘! Also since Naples is right across from the gorgeous and luxurious island of Capri, the temptation was far too great for me and I couldn’t resist ticking off another item – ‘swim off Capri island!’.

Capri was absolutely beautiful. The clear water, white rocks and the large mountain backdrops – completely picture perfect. It was such a luxury to go there after trekking for a month. I felt so indulgent visiting there amongst the Ralph Lauren sailors. However, this luxury was worth every euro, as when I jumped in the ocean it was incredible! This time the water was flawless. The temperature of the the Tyrrhenian Sea was exactly what my Australian body was longing for (Atlantic waters Nth Spain bit too cold – sorry Maria!). When I dived in, I was so happy and couldn’t stop smiling. I tilted my head back, looked up to the sky and just floated… I watche the seaguls fly above and let myself be completely transceneded into the air.

I was in the water for a while… swimming, floating, swimming and then a little bit more floating. When I did eventually get out, I was dazzed in a dream feeling completely new, revitalised and refreshed. It’s amazing what the water can do.

In total I was only on the island for 6 hours, it was so hard to leave. I would  be lying if I said I didn’t contemplate  ways of staying,  but unfortunately I had to say goodbye.

When I got back to shore I had one more thing to do – eat pizza! So I went to the best restaurant that a local told me to go, got greeted by 3 friendly italians sitting outside and asked for their speciality – ‘Margarita’! I thought it would be small coming out, but I was very mistaken – it was so big he must of thought I had an appetite of a Roman sold ier as by the time I got half way through it I was so full, I had to break for 20 minutes. However, I am proud to say I ate the entire thing! I couldn’t let my new friend s d own an can’t really say I ate half pizza in Naples! Haha yes, I was feeling so full after that I had to walk laps of the train station just to walk it off. Now the best day trip I have had in my life so far.




Shhh just don’t tell Axel – I am meant to be working 😉