Have you ever looked at something so beautiful and wondered, “How is this real?” Well, that’s exactly the feeling you get as soon as you step onto this magical island Kaua’i.

This tropical island is the greenest and most luscious place we’ve ever seen! The island gathers the most rainfall than anywhere else in the world, which means everything grows naturally bigger than usual and with colours so vibrant, it’s like you’re watching Jurassic Park all over again (it was filmed here!). With it’s volcanic craters and tropical waterfall covered mountain ranges, you will find tonnes of hikes and trails with majestic views, just like this – the Na Pali Coast…

Voted as one of the most beautiful and dangerous coastal treks in the world, we found ourselves on the Na Pali Coast, because it was on one of our close friends’ Bucketlist; the very same friend who suggested we go to Hawai’i first before we headed to the mainland for our big road trip tour. It obviously didn’t take too much convincing to get us here. The thought of being able to tick off one of our best friends’ bucketlist items = priceless!

Days before flying into Kauai, people told us that after the big hurricanes and massive rain, the trek will be closed and  too dangerous to trek.. what could be so bad we asked everyone? Well, we had to at least try! On our second day on the island the sun was peaking through the clouds so we set off north to Hanalei to complete this bucketlist item!

Halfway there, we saw the cutest Hawaiian 18 year old surfer hitch-hiking so we made space for him and he ended up being the coolest dude and we fast became friends. He was on his way to go spearfishing but knowing the whole island like the back of his hand he happily changed plans and said he said he’ll take us on our trek instead! Perfect – what we needed was a real local adventurer! We named him Mowgli!

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So we arrive at the gates – which were closed, but Mowgli just said, “No worries, we’ll be fine.” If Mowgli says so, we trust him, so off we went. Mowgli was of course barefoot – Hawaii style – so Axel thought, “Why not do it the real way, feeling the earth beneath us?!” so off she went, barefoot!

The hike cannot be explained as it has to be experienced, but we had an absolutley magical day. Mowgli was more like Baloo – our protective bear who told us all he knew about the jungle and land. He found springwater sources for us; he used a leaf as a funnel to pour water into our waterbottles,  he found guava trees and climbed up to get the best fruit from the top for us, and with Axel being barefoot he patiently waited every step of the way and was always there with a helping hand through the super slippery muddy parts (like 50%)!  He entertained us with stories of his upbringing for the entirety of the trek! How cool is it that his mum is Pierce Brosnan’s housekeeper and he himself, is a private chef hand – on the path to becoming a masterchef! He just cooked for Ben Stiller for a whole week on the island.

We stopped at the beach and hung out in the caves before coming to the amazing massive main waterfall where we swam and for showered by it’s massive powers. It was all just incredible and we ended up having a bit too much fun… and being a bit optimistic about the time this meant we ended up walking back in complete darkness, which was an adventure in itself! But, with Mowgli we felt safe and weren’t scared for a moment. And, thanks to him, we got to expirience the most beautiful sunset on the Na Pa Li Coast – an incredible sight.

After 8 hours of sweaty walking in full sun (it never ended up raining), we were so excited to reach the beach and feeling like jungle animals ourselves, we stripped all our clothes off and ran into the lukewarm water. Surrounded by massive rainforest cliffs on each side, basking in the light from a shining moon we just floated there and watched the incredible shooting stars in silence.

No pictures or words can live up to what we experienced this day, but here is our attempt to show the beauty we explored…





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