When you realize that the Morrison brand is named after the owners beloved dog, it instantly gives you a sense of warm, natural rawness. And that is exactly what this brand is about. With an exquisite attention to detail Morrison designs simple, raw, timeless quality pieces that represent independent and innately happy women

Born & Bred in Perth, Morrison is now gaining reputation as a leading fashion brand all around Australia. They have 6 stores in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne and we are absolutely  head over heals in love with their first born, earthy, Morrison Fremantle store. A beautiful raw mix of mis-matched brick walls, mortar, concrete, raw wooden and iron is perfectly balanced and truly captures the story  and history of the ancient building and area. Organically integrated with their sleek, modern clothing line, naturally designed jewellery, urban leather goods and a collection of timeless favourite homeware staples, this store is simply perfect.

Now to the coolest part… for Christmas 2014 Morrison in Perth will be stocking “Wanderlust”! We are really excited and can’t wait to see our earthy latte coloured  journal merchandised in their natural store. It’s like it found it’s home. Don’t miss a visit to one of their gorgeous stores for Christmas, we guarantee you’ll find some great pieces to put under the tree.

Morrison Sydney
Morrison Melbourne
Morrison Perth