He is a 3,200 year old, 247-foot-tall sequoia, and is the 2nd largest tree in the World. 7,000 feet above sea level in the Southern Sierra Nevada looms this tree.

So the last week has been somewhat of a ‘tree’ week. One of those weeks, where something you think of once, then for the rest of the week it just gets repeated or comes up throughout the week over and over but in different ways. Well ‘trees’ have been the hot topic for me this week.

The first ‘tree’ discussion started when I was with my girlfriends, we were throwing around ideas of what to do for our upcoming road trip to Tasmania, and I suggested that we should sleep in a tree house. The girls naturally laughed, but been as adventurous as I said “sure !”. So for the next 20 minutes we started searching tree-houses in Tasmania… and…  yeah yeah we found one !

It was then the next day that I came across an article in the paper about a woman in Tasmania who has been protesting for a year… in a tree. Coincidence, I am not sure? But weird – I think so. I couldn’t quite believe it, so I read the article twice just to ensure I understood it correctly. And I did, 31-year old Miranda Gibson has been dwelling on top of a tree in Tasmania for exactly 12 months today (14/12/2012). She began her protest in order to protect the logging of the forest in Tasmania, and noted she would not come down until it was safe. She has slept up top of the tree day in and day out, battled all four seasons and still has not been shaken down. Truly unbelievable. I am always astounded and admire dearly when people go to great lengths to do something they believe in. A bit.. well a lot of the ordinary, but I guess that’s what makes her different. After reading this, I saw the same friends again, and showed them the article. They thought she was crazy, but I wanted to visit her perch when were down there… not sure if I am going to win on this one.

Then last night, after I finished replying to all Hanna’s emails, and organising the next steps for the book. I had some spare time and opportunity to read before going to bed. A leisure I love dearly, but don’t do it often enough. As I picked up this months national geographic, what was on the cover… ‘The world’s largest trees’. I laughed so much, although very enthusiastic at the same time as I was so curious and fascinated by what and where the largest tree was.  However, then whilst reading the article my mobile rang and it was girlfriend I am travelling to Tasmania with. As we were having a spontaneous midweek chat she asked what I was doing. I smiled and was a bit hesitant… and casually replied “ Ahhh …. just reading about the world’s largest tree”. She laughed so much and then said “what?… your ‘tree’ crazy”.

The article was really interesting, and due to the somewhat peculiar week of trees I have put ‘visit the world’s largest tree’ on my bucklist.

The President – NG aricle.