Usually, it’s me who is sending the mail, but this time I got surprised. When I opened the letter box I saw this cute little card sitting in there with my name and address handwritten. It wasn’t my birthday, and the handwritting wasn’t one I could remember so I really had no idea who it was from. When I opened it,  I saw this hot little vespa on the front of the card which instantly made me smile. It was definitely from someone who knows me well. I then read inside and the card was from my gorgeous friend Alex. A couple of weeks ago Alex had her big 30th birthday bash, it was a fabulous dress-up party ‘Heaven & Hell’. With her apartment completely decorated for heaven & hell and a bartender serving bottomless cocktails – a very memorable party. Being 2013 you don’t really get thank you cards in the mail for birthdays. I can’t even remember the last one I received. People usually express their gratitude via email or social media sites. But Alex didn’t post anything, I didn’t receive one single frightening notification that you have been tagged in X amount of pictures. The first words I heard from her was written in her own elegant handwritting. So Alex, thank you its your birthday yet you managed to give the most thoughtful gift of them all. Your truly the most beautiful angel, and everyone who shared your birthday or is friends with you is blessed to know such a strong, intelligent, independent and caring women. Joyeux anniversaire ! espérons que vous avez eu autant de plaisir que nous avons fait xx