After a hard day of trekking and feeling very much like a pilgrim (i.e. dirty, sweaty and tired), I opened my email and found such a lovely one from my Uncle John with these beautiful pictures! It’s incredible with an instant at looking at these I was automatically happy and completely forgot about whatever I was tired about. He and my aunty Sam have being road tripping around Australia in this awesome fold out campervan for the past month. The best part was that they blogged about it, which I am absolutely loving reading – they are just the cutest family and I can’t wait to see them when I get back. Isn’t my little cousins adorable! I wish I could be playing with them right now… Rhys is the little and most sweetest boy and Ava is the most adorable little girl with bright blue eyes…. BIG love and KISSES from their big cousin.

Ash xx