Today I caught up with a few friends for brekkie at my beloved “Greenhouse” without even realising how much there was to celebrate!

First of all it’s International Women’s Day! Us women are complex, sensitive, indecisive and such wonderful creatures! Therefore, since it is our day – let’s be exactly as indecisive, complex and totally amazing as we want! Today we can gossip, laugh, bitch, cry, shop, regret, love, care… as much as we like!

Then there was a birthday, a pregnancy and in the middle of brekkie my friend Anthony received a phonecall saying he got his dream job for Fairfax media. This was all way too early for a 07.30 brekkie that I actually made ! That is only because I got challenged (no one expects me to show up to anything before lunchtime otherwise) – turned in to a long celebration with champagne and donuts!