Could you live on $2 a day?

That’s what the team behind charity campaign Live Below the Line is asking you to do. For five days between 6-10 May, they challenge you to eat on just $2 a day – the equivalent of the extreme poverty line – to raise awareness for the people who live in extreme poverty every day.

We just came across this inspiring campaign and are planning to take the challenge.

It is run by the Oaktree Foundation, an Australian charity run entirely by volunteers under the age of 26 seeking to eradicate global poverty. Oaktree works with governments to achieve policy change and uses funds raised through campaigns like Live Below the Line to finance educational programs. Last year, 7,800 Live Below the Line participants raised $1.92 million for children in Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. The funds assisted local organisations working in partnership with Oaktree to provide teacher training, scholarships, schoolbooks, uniforms and board and transport for students who have trouble getting to school.

Live Below the Line is a unique way to better understand extreme poverty and make a real impact. For tips, recipe ideas, more information about the campaign and to sign up, visit