After a beautiful morning beach walk I went to get the car serviced and found a library next door to sit and work on while waiting. What a Bliss.
I love having the privilege of working from home, but I also love working away from home. All the  Nice parks, cute Cafe’s and Bookshops are great places for inspiration but I forgot about Libraries. And now I remember. Libraies have a special feel that is almost lost. A serenity that just fills you up and makes you work harder than anywhere else. I’m glad I came here, and will aim to visit libraries more often. Here are many interesting characters too. I find myself wondering who they are and what they are working on, looking for, reading, finding out. Like the rough man looking up the ceiling as he thinks, then quickly scribbles stuff. Or the old man in blue who has been watching news on his laptop for hours, is he researching something? Or the black man with a massive smile who leaded me his phone charger. What’s their story?
Myself, I am working on the last chapters of “Wanderlust”. It is all coming together very well. We have a ground for all the chapters and now we are just finalising the design and binding all the content together. I can’t wait until we get to print a test-run! So exciting. / Axel
The question of the day is:

What makes you wild?