Friday May 10th was the big night –  the Launch Party for our book “Swept Away by Wanderlust”.

Hanna came to Sydney for the week leading up to this and we were working long hours every day to get it all organised. Meetings with bands, artists, cameramen, filmteam, booking of stage, equipment, red carpet, organise games and booths to be around the venue, get audio equipment, chase projector cables, find outfits, send contracts, emails, source aisle, find french clothes, buy letter paper,  finish off film clip, discuss catering and drinks with Berkelouw cafe where the party was held and so much more needed to get done. And most important, make sure the books arrived from print in time..

The party started at 6.30 and we were officially done and ready with the last piece at 6.29. In front of us was one of the biggest nights of our lives. We hadn’t even had time to run through our presentation or speech and we had 150 guests coming that we were going to share our book and story with. But it didn’t matter –  from then it’d be what it would be. We’d go up there and tell them our story straight from our heart.

So at 6.29 we took a big breath, looked at eachother and laughed. In the end – everything always works out. With a glass of champagne in our hands we went to say hi to our first guests…

…the rest of the story will be told by the pictures coming soon.