What else could we ask for? A tranquil boozy escape from the frenetically trendy streets of the Marais, Paris is ‘La Belle Hortense’.

Whilst researching the next store for ‘Wanderlust’ to be stocked in Paris, I came across this fabulous bookstore which is now I think my new favourite! A bookstore which not only has walls lined with books, but also walls lined with wine! With its pretty blue frontage it’s all about settling down with a good book and nice glass of wine. La Belle Hortense hosts readings and literary events, including new releases, rare volumes, independent poetry and classic collections. To accompany all this is a wine list which is just as enormous as the collection of books.

Hoping this will be our next beautiful and creative bookstore to stock ‘Wanderlust’, because what a great reason to fly to to Paris again!


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