We spent the afternoon in Honolulu, looking at some cool, independent boutique stores in Oahu to stock our journals. After meeting and talking to some of the cool creators and owners of these stores, we left not only with some amazing stores that will now be stocking ‘Swept away by Wanderlust’ & ‘My Bucketlist’, but also with a tonne of local tips and adventures that we must do whilst in Oahu. With Ash’s nickname being ‘Coco’ she was over the top to start with the hardest one – ‘Koko Head’.

Koko head is a trek on an old railway the leads straight up a crater of an old volcano.  Climbing over 1,048 stairs (or railroad logs) the Koko Crater Railway Trail takes hikers up 1,028 feet via its old railroad ties or “steps.” With many regulars clocking in at less than 30 minutes to the summit, it is a convenient stop for a tough morning workout. We decided to go in the middle of the day – and of course wanting beat the time of some fellow climbers we met! 17 min later our legs were burning and sweat dripping but we were on the top and the view was absolutely spectacular! A must on the Hawaii bucketlist!