I was just read this great article in this weeks TIME re: ‘Kickstarter’. Kickstarter is an incredibly inspiring and distinguished concept. It was designed to give those who have innovative ideas a chance to make them into a reality.

The company was established by the enthusiasm and passion of a guy named Perry Chen who wanted to throw a late night party to coincide with the New Orleans jazz festival. He put his idea to out to everybody he knew, and soon he had people donating small amounts because they too wanted to have the party, and was willing to help to make it happen. In the end he didn’t solicit enough money, and the event didn’t happen, but the notion stayed in his mind, and years later he met a music journalist Yancy Strickler and designer Charles Adler who both loved his idea, they then  became the co-founders, and Kickstarter debuted in April 2009.

The company is now the highest-profile website engaged in crowd funding. Basically, the way it works is that you put your idea on the site, and the amount you need to fund your project. If you get enough people liking and donating towards your idea, you get the money to fund it. The best part I love is that no idea is crazy, they include everything from some guy who wants to create a board game to a filmaker who wanted to always produce a documentary.

So if you have something on your mind – do it ! Check out the site, you never know how many people like your idea. Sometimes you just need that small hand to help you start, and make your dreams come true. x