Courtenay is a gorgeous, adventurous, bohemian spirit whose heart got captured first by Greece and now a few years later by her lucky Fiancé.

Courtenay is Ashleigh’s cousin, however the two are as close as sisters and you can tell! They both are  as curious and wanders as each other. Courtenay’s love for the unknown and for seeing new cultures has taken her all over the world. Some of her favourite and most memorable moments have been when she worked at a hostel in London where she was the friendly face to greet new people everyday, practicing her bonjour, oui and comme ta le vous, riding her bicycle in the freezing cold around Paris with breadsticks and red wine in the basket, working on the beautiful Greek Islands for five months and most recent working for the Prince of Qatar on his super yachts.

Courtenay always describes herself as a big kid, not taking life too seriously. This beauitful care-free attitude is definitely contagieous, but what we love most about her is her direct honesty and care for others. Courtenay was one of our go to persons for advice to trial our design and make up of Swept away by Wanderlust and despite her loving the idea and design she was brutally honest every time no matter if it hurt our feelings or not – something we appreciate immensely. We have Courtenay’s picture on Pg. 160 in the book – in which she is doing what she does best – swimming like a mermaid!


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