Meet our talanted friend Marcus O’Brien – a wonderful cinematographer with a special love for time lapses. Marcus was Hanna’s flatmate in Sydney and one of the very few who have followed Axel & Ash from the very beginning as many work meetings took place in his living room.

This guy does some really cool gigs! After having worked all over the world with NBC for many years he decided to go back to his beloved Sydney to start his own business. Last year he travelled all around Australia with Parklife shooting their promo video, he spent weeks living out on Lake eyre shooting the beautiful landscape and recently he was flown to Rome to film the celebrations of the new Pope. However, most amazing we find is his own little side projects like “Hometown Tama” & “Pure Bronte” that truly shows his passion for film.

During Hanna’s year living with Marcus, us and our beautiful girlfriends hung out there a lot. There are so many dinner nights, parties and scatt nights and memories that will never be forgotten. Marcus’ biggest secret is that he has some amazing special fresh pesto making talents, an extreme obsession of the word ‘aaaamaaazing’, some trillion frequent flyer points, a secret kitchen bible that he lives by and a very comfortable couch complimented with the best rug ever. It was during the cold winter nights cuddling up under this rug that Axel & Ash was finding its way.


Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.04.18 PMScreen Shot 2013-05-02 at 12.54.04 PM 20130502-165735.jpg

Marcus’ shot of an old car in Bronte is in the book with Axel & Ash favorite quote from Jack Kerouac.

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Best working shot ever!