What is your full name? Ingrid Hanna Viktoria Axelsson Sahlen. This really gives me trouble here in Australia. When I call the bank, school, hospital..any authority they ask “whats your name?” I say “Hanna Axelsson” Nope. “Try Ingrid Axelsson”…Nope! “Try Ingrid Sahlen…or Hanna Sahlen”. It sounds a bit suspicious.
Do you know why you got this beautiful name also? Ingrid is after my grandma. Hanna is what my mum wanted and Viktoria I don’t know. My dad wanted to name me Linda but my mum didn’t allow it as it rimes with “Binda” witch means menustration pad in swedish 🙂
Where were you born? In Malmö BB with my mum and her best friend by her side. The nurses said it was the funniest birth they’ve ever expirienced.
What is your eye colour? I’d say Green, some people say blue and properly its called Hazel. People always ask me, and I always think its a strange question…I mean why do you ask someone about their eyecolour when standing in front of them looking in their eyes?
Do you have any siblings? Yep, 2 Brothers and a sis. I’m the baby. It is 4 years between all of us and it always amazes me how my mum could handle having toddlers under the age of four for 16 years!
What is your favourite colour? This is a hard one. Can I quote Adalyn – a girl I use to babysit – Rainbow!? No, It used to be green as my soccer teams colour but now I’d have to say purple. But Yellow because it’s a happy colour. And I love silver. Or mustard. Yes, that’s it. This season it’s mustard!
If you had to choose between a spanish or french film what would you choose? Oohh.. I speak spanish but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spanish film, except for in spanish class. French Films are good. Many Hollywood movies ripped of French films. Well, they rip off all films…so I have to say French. Oui!
How would you describe yourself in three words? I would not.
What did you eat for lunch today? A beautiful homemade Salad with Barbecued Salmon, Haloumi and Crispy Bacon.
If you had to recommend someone a book, which one would you choose? I’ll be patriotic and say Stieg Larsson – “The girl with the dragon tattoo”. It’s funny how they translate titles – in swedish it’s called “Men who hates women”.
Name an Artist you love? Have never had a real idol but I do really love Coldplay. Did you know that “Yellow” got it’s name from the Yellow pages?
What is Axel & Ash? It is the passion of two spirits blending together into one. Like a marrige, through books. Yeah, that’s what it is. A BookMarriage!
What do you bring to the collaboration? Always feel like it’s too little. I have always been a hard worker and felt I outwork most people but in this duo I am the lazy one. Ash is an amazing entreprenour and the most effective person I’ve even known. I love working with her and I believe we twist around eachothers minds thoughts and ideas into a perfect mix.
Do you believe it will be successful? It already is. We are having so much fun and what’s more success than hours of laughter?
What is your dream for the company? Nostalgia. That people look back and read their books 20, 45, 60 years later and take a mindtrip back to visit their young selves.
What does it take to start a successful business to you? Passion. Lots and lots of it and nothing else.
Other than Axel & Ash what else do you do for work? I direct tv-programs, pretty mcuh by pressing one button amongst 1000’s.
What do you like about working? I always loved working. It´s wierd I know, but any job I had I enjoyed it. I am always striving to get better and improve. I love my current profession. Five years ago it was an unreachable dream of mine to direct tv. Now its my everyday life and I forget that tens of thousands of people watch what I put to air every day… it’s pretty awsome when I see it that way.
What is the most valuable thing you have learnt so far? I have learnt so much the last five years I feel like. It’s almost like I’m turning into an adult but I’m still a big kid. Right now I am constantly trying to learn to live in the moment, inspired by the saying ” Life is what happends while youre planning the future”. It is so true. We are to busy planning what is going to happen instead of just stop, look around and smell the flowers. I learn a lot of things from amazing spirits around me but it takes time really learn to live by them.
What inspires you? So much. Most of all I think creative people. Or no, Original people! Those who do their own thing and don´t care what anyone think. That is cool to me. And so inspiring. They are the people who go far.
How do you come across new ideas? They just come. In millions. I always have 100 projects I want to do. But only when I don´t need them or look for them. When I need them they´re nowhere to be found!
You are absolutely loved by so many, not only because you are stunning but so kind and caring to everyone around you, does anything make you mad? Haha… Really? That is so sweet. I feel like I get mad all the time. But only for the moment then it runs off me. I get mad when my boyfriend doesn’t agree with me in something I think is obvious! I think he should. Or when people don’t listen in an argument, you know when you really can’t get through to them or even get them to consider another side, they just argue their side over and over. That annoys me.
Who are the most important people in your life? Could not answer that question because there are too many. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such beautiful friends and family in many parts of the world where I´ve lived and they all play a big part in my life. I literally have three homes! In Sydney, Perth and little Malmo. This means three lefes with different people and I love in each and every of them in their own speacial way and there is no way I could choose anyone as being more important than someone else!
Can you surf? I hate this question because I dont know the answer. I would love to say Yes! But let’s put it this way…Occasionaly I surf, and I love it but I do it rather than better 😉
What languages can you speak/want to learn? I speak Swedish and English. I spoke spanish fairly well 10 years ago but I lost so much. I am very good at singning and counting in many languages though, something that always impresses… Who knew you can get free taxirides cause you know a childrens song in arabic! I try it every time!
A street you love? Love Union street in San Francisco. I loved strolling around there in the mornings after Big nights in the City.
Do you have any song in your head at the moment? Feel so close to you right now…
When are you the happiest? When I am hanging with a group of my fantastic girlfriends, just laughing at the world.
What can´t you live without? Friends & Cornchips.
What are the top five cities you have been in?
San Francisco – I left my heart somewhere in between the Bay bridge and Tiburon.
Amsterdam – Spent 8 hours there with Yori who doubled me aroun town and I was Wow’d.
Ulan Baator – There was a line on the main-square to use an oldstyle phone! It says it all.
Tahoe City – Well, it’s called city! This little corner of the world is magical.
Sydney –  I just love it. And it names – Woolloomooloo, Kirribilli & Lilli Pilli.
+++ Las Vegas as a plus as it needs to be in a category of it’s own!
What are the top five cities you would like to see? Im usually more interested in smaller places – which means I wouldn’t know their names until I’ve accually gotten introduced to them. But ok – Marrakech, Rio the Janerio, Cape Town, Melbourne & New York (I’ve been there three times but only as a tourist. Wanna see it the real way.)
A photographer you wish you you could take photos like? A photograph to me is so individual. When I see something pretty, ugly or otherwise esteticlly appealing to me I just need to take a picture of it! I really get stressed when I can’t (thank god for i-Phones) And even if I really want to have the knowledge and skills of a great photographer I wouldn´t want to take pictures like them, they wouldnt be mine then.
What is your favourite part of traveling? Finding beautiful, fun, crazy, ugly, random hidden spots, that are unique to that part of the world. As well as seeing how culture still is so strongly existing in our otherwise so intergrated world. And Road tripping. I love road tripping.
What is your style and who are your icons? Anything plain – black, white, greys and jeans always wins. I have new styleicons everytime I see someone who looks great, and wish I could dress like them! I wanna be more out there, like Olsen twins. I love their style. But I just can’t pull it off. I always with I was short and petite instead of tall so I could look cute in anything.
All time movie? Shawshank redemption, Good Will Hunting, Grease, Dirty Dancing.
Your bags are stolen, and you can only save one item, what is it? If my harddrive is in there (which is constantly is nowadays when working on this) my harddrive! Only for my pictures! My pictures are my memories and they are priceless to me.
What is something you always wanted to learn? Walk on my hands.
Share me one of your secret spots? I have a hole in the cliffwall in Bronte which is perfectly shaped as a recliner seat, looking out over the wild ocean.  I love to sit back and filosof over life here after a long run and swim.
What do you consider as your greatest achievement? That I have lived and worked in 4 of the 6 continets. My goal when I was younger was to live and work in all of them.
Name three items on your bucket list?  Swim in chocolate, Roadtrip across America & Set up an advisebooth on the street.
If you could do one thing on your bucket list right now, what would you do? I am – starting my own successful business!
What do you regularly read? My e-mails. When I stop being a nomad I am going to subscribe to all my favorite mag’s but for now it is whatever gets in my hand.
A website you love? Facebook. Sad but true, we have a love & hate relationship. It keeps me connected!
If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Home (the sweden home)  to play with my nieces & nephews and just hear all the funny things they say growing up that I miss out on. Kids are hilarious.
One person you would like to meet dead or alive? My grandma. (Dad´s mother.) She was an actress and opera singer and I so wish I could get to know her.
Someone you envy? Everyone with beautiful healthy skin. I have eczema and I hate it.
Something dangerous and risky you want to do? Wingfly or what it is called. It looks so cool. I don’t know if I would dare too. Also take a pilot licence, that is on my to-do list.
Do you have a boyfriend?  Yes.
If you could, you would?

Talk too……… the animals.
Stay at……… a organic health retreat for a few months.
Buy……… a private jet so i could fly around to all my loved ones as I please.
Kiss……… George Clooney. Just because.

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