Last night I went to dinner with 3 incredible women at Jimmy Liks in Sydneys Kings Cross.

I used to work with these women at my last role within an investment bank. We are all different ages, with me being the baby of us four.

The night started with cocktails… I had espresso Martini – I don’t drink coffee but I had it for the first time with a friend about a month ago and I guess in Swedish – Lagom? Would that be correct reference 😉

Dinner was amazing, and always is at Jimmy Liks – if you haven’t been you must go! However, the best part was and always is the company. To be in the presence of these fun, sophisticated women is so lovely and inspiring. With age comes experience and they have so much wisdom to share. The people they know, the places they have travelled, the roles they are working in and have worked in. It just reconfirmed how beautiful and unique all our individual stories are.

Trying to get all our stories of the last 4 months was difficult because we all want to know everything about everything (and after a few glasses of wine… every female can relate). I did however get transfixed in conversation with one of my friends. Her business nonce is incredibly high, and her work history is unbelievable. She has worked for Vogue, in the Music Industry and for some of the most senior CEO’s globally. I was captivated by all the people she told me she had worked with. When I mentioned that we are planning on attending the London Book exhibition, she started giving me some incredible and valuable business advice. She initiated so many ideas, strategies and planning, things that we haven’t had time to think about yet. It was fantastic, however with all her ideas/questions she sent my mind into overdrive. I loved hearing everything she said, but I know she could see that I started getting a little overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done. Reading my mind she was incredibly polite and smiled saying “Send me an email and we will catch up again. Happy to help”. I was relieved.

It was a lovely night and great atmosphere to bounce ideas and catch up with one another, although my favourite part of the evening was at the end of the night. We all walked outside to get a cab, but instead of hailing one down we just ended up chatting outside because it wasn’t long enough. I think even if we had all day to talk we wouldn’t stop ! A true sign of a good time and wonderful night.  X