Sitting at home with my uggies and hoddie. What never stops to surprise me here in Australia is how it can be 25 degrees plus outside and you’re freezing your butt off inside. My hands and feet are so cold, despite ugg boots and lots of warm soup and tea. Woke up early today and decided to start early to get lots done before noon. Then I’ll have to get out and go visit the Apple store to get some help with my new baby. After that Ill try to find a cafe with GOOD wifi, which is pretty hard here in Perth. Hopefully get a few more hours of work done until my dear friend Iranthi finishes work and comes to chitchat me out of my work sphere.


 Research Sydney Markets CHECK
Worldmap CHECK
Photoshoot Themes. CHECK
Trip Schedule
Answer Printers Quote
Storyboard for Film clip
Research mini eftpos
Blog Design
Get originals from Laja CHECK

Cant wait until Im working Day & Night next to my Coco!