This weekend was spent in another world for me. My friends Erika & Ovidi who are professional clowns are in town for a week and they were performing at Spare Parts Puppet theatre in Fremantle on Sunday night. So on Friday we went down to Freo where we filmed for their show and made friends with the old bierded man who is part of the furniture down there. 

On Saturday night we got invited to watch a puppet show from Erika & Ovidi’s good friend Bec who’s also from the theatre. Bec is a mix of creativity… she’s a clown who walks on stilts, she plays in a band, does puppet shows, and goodness knows what other amazing talents she has ! I haven’t seen a puppet show before, yet it was absolutely fantastic. A great tale told in a different way. It was so clever and creative, I wanted to see more. It’s now on my list to take my friends to one next year!

We spent the day visiting the markets, practicing hand stands and leading each other around blind folded to build trust before going to Bec’s where we had been invited for dinner. Bec cooked us an amazing healthy green vegetarian food that we enjoyed under the fruit trees in her veggie garden. After dinner we went inside to play – as you do when hanging out with clowns. She pulled out a bunch of instuments and for 2 hours or so we were jammin! I loved it. With three very talented musicians my drums worked pretty well in the background I must say!

Finishing off the night, Bec did a session of TaKeTiNa with us. TaKeTiNa is a kind of rhytmic meditation that is supposed to make you connect with your rhythm and nature and forgotten powers within… and WOW… I felt like an African dancing around the mud grounds in the wilderness in happiness with my friends. It was fantastic! I slept very well after that.

Sunday night we watched Erika & Ovidi perform their clown show to a very happy audience with great success. I just love their show, and it was as good the second time around. The night ended in great company of some of my old friends chatting away at Little Creatures. What a great weekend! It was nothing like a normal weekend in my life but still so similar. It’s just done in a different way when you’re with clowns & true hippies. But with the same ingridients – Friends, play, laughter and fun.

In the end we are all the same.